Celebrating Years of Outstanding Service.

“No Problem,
 It will be done…”

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logical logistics Highlights

  • Recognized industry leader, fully compliant with all state and federal regulations.
  • Celebrating years of outstanding service and excellent customer satisfaction (2004- ).
  • Proven track record of providing multiple warehouse and distribution requirements across various industries.
  • 24–hour monitored security with full sprinkler and fire protection.
  • Expertise in handling high valued commodities, imports, cross docking, etc.

"No Problem, It will be done…" 

Logical Logistics provides third-party transportation, warehousing and fulfillment services – we are a complete 3PL provider. Founded in 2004, Logical Logistics is a privately held asset-based trucking, distribution and warehouse company.

We are relentless in our efforts to provide our customers with The Logical Edge - a true competitive advantage.
As an asset-based 3PL logistics company, Logical Logistics has the broad expertise, technology and resources needed to provide you with a complete solution.  We utilize a combination of owned and contracted assets to deliver an optimal logistics solution.